Monday, December 26, 2011

A doctor's blog; an interesting blog to read.

Harini aku terjumpa satu blog yang jarang2 boleh jumpa jugak laa. Blog seorang doktor. One word I can say when I read the blog, amazing. 

Ok, point of view aku actually agak berubah laa bila baca blog beliau ni. Sebelum ni aku memang laa pandang berat jugak kat tugas seorang doctor. Tapi sekarang lepas aku baca blog beliau, oh my, memang tugas seorang doctor ni sangat noble lah actually.

Aku budak ICT. Everyday, I only deal with coding, programmings, projects, machines, all these stuffs. You know machines, when it comes to worst, even it may cause you to lose very much of money, you can just throw away those machines, and buy new machines to be on hand. But doctors? Hey, they deal with people's lives okay. I can somehow imagine how they'd feel to face the worst situation that could happen in medical scene, the life or death situation. For us, machines can be throw away, but them, they deal with humans' life okay. Humans' life are precious. Not something that can be taken very lightly.

Reading that doctor's blog, oh gosh, I am imagining myself dealing with those critical cases, and the unfortunate case come, and the unexpected death is on it's way. They witness the death of their patients okay. Not an easy thing to do. How I can imagine the depression that they suffer when a patient dies. How I can imagine.

Also, reading the blog change my perspective. I wasn't really into the donating blood stuffs. You know, typical us human, we don't really bother doing things that don't benefit us directly. So I don't really pay any attention in donating my blood. But after I read it from doctor's POV, finally it captures straight right to my heart, why we need to donate our blood. There are many patients are suffering or maybe dying because of there's no blood in blood bank, okay. I finally realized this especially after reading the latest case in his blog, about Allahyarham Noria Idris, who passed away because of some complications, and also NO BLOOD IN THE BANK. This changed my view okay. I pity that woman. Trying to deliver her baby safely but unfortunately, Allah sayang dia lebih. We need to donate blood. Yes, we need to.

Also, when I read the post about a patient who had very serious injuries because of accident, need to go under several surgeries, like, how many doctors are needed and how many surgeries are needed, just to save a body, a precious body, a precious human's life. 

And many other things. I think you guys should try to read these kind of blogs. Really give you something. Much of information can be gained with these kind of blogs. Rather than only reading itu semua gosip artist sahaja, or blog pasal politik sahaja, or blog pasal Korea sahaja. Broad up your mind. Try to read something new. Something new to ponder off. 

For those who are interested, here's the blog: I didn't find much blogs like this but if I find out more, I'll post it up here. Which is kind of difficult, well because not many doctors will blog like the one that I found. Haha :)

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