Friday, August 12, 2011

Just my 2 cents

Sometimes aku rasa blogging ni banyak disadvantages nya jugak. Because, sometimes people tend to misunderstood what I'm trying to convey in my post. I dunno. The writing style probably. They got my messages wrongly, I assumed. 

Tapi tak apalah, tak mudah nak puaskan hati semua orang. Just wanna ask for you guys to do me a little favor, try to look at my posts at different perspectives, you might get a different way of interpretation. The way you think, might not be the same way I think. Just the difficulties to convert those ideas in my mind into words, put some barrier between my understanding and your understanding. 

Anyway, deeply apologizing to those who probably have misunderstood my postings. Mungkin sebab tu kut orang asyik nak bash aku. My style of writing kut. Kinda emotionally sometimes because hey, I am a girl. What you expect more from me? And also might sound a little arrogant sometimes. Can't help it, because arrogance is part of human's nature, it is a little part of me. I'm so sorry if I sound a little arrogant in my post. 

Just a little note, yeah, I do like to defend myself a lot. Because ever since I was a kid, or maybe in my high school era, people just keep on looking down on me. Sometimes they don't even have a bit of urge to look at me, or what I have achieved. I don't blame anyone, I just blame myself for that. I've made wrong moves at those times. With the so-so PMR result and the not-so-good SPM result, I am just nothing. So I do really like to dug out my pasts in order to build some confidence in my own self. And mentioning my achievements back here in this blog, will keep on reminding me, "Hey, I am good too. I can do it the same or maybe better than anyone else". The sense of insecurity of made me this way. I want myself to be recognized. I want people to know that I am also that capable to do things. I just want the world, and myself to know, that I can do it. Well, in a simple word, I just want the world to recognize me. 

Try to put yourself in my shoes and you'll get what I mean.

Akhir kata, yang baik datang dari Allah, yang buruk semestinya dari aku sendiri.

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