Monday, July 4, 2011

A day at Gasoline Sungei Wang

Went to Gasoline Sungei Wang today. Second time went there. Already went before but different venue, well, it's at Times Square. Anyway, just feels like sharing some pictures with the girls today :)

Prawn spaghetti. Ok laa. But not really taste so I couldn't finished it. Dunno got some weird taste.

Zati with her meal

Aqilah. Picture a bit dark cuz no good lighting there.

This is NOT my boyfriend hahaaa
I intent to take a solo picture but this leng chai suddenly sit beside me joining taking picture. So I end up smiling very widely because I couldn't tahan my laughter hahaha. Oh this leng chai is the waiter there. A very warm person. Always gave us new things to try hahah

An attempt to kiss Aqilah's cheek but end up doing the duck mouth ahaha~
I am bad at these things hahaa

Anyway, great day girls. Hopefully you guys have a safe and fun holidays. We'll meet again after 2 months! 

Insya Allah;)

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