Friday, December 3, 2010

Mahu update ke, tak mahu update? Mahu ke, tak mahu? Heh, update je la.

Oh yeah. Ever since I am in the holiday mood, I totally (well, not in total lah) cut off connection with the outside world, and live in my own world. How peaceful is that? Yeah, it is peaceful, sometimes. But not all the time of course. I don't know why, it's a habit probably. Habit of love being isolated here while I am on holiday. Everyday waking up anytime I want. Doing anything that been crossing on my mind. Ok, I love that actually.

Seeing all the status been updated in the facebook, reading all the comments that were posted, oh, I feel like a stalker. Stalking. While watching everyone is getting involved in the conversations, sometimes I just don't feel like joining it. Like what I said, I like to be isolated while I'm on holiday. It's just... nice, to be out from the UIA world sometimes haha. Don't get me wrong. I do miss you guys, yes, seriously. But at these kind of times, part of me just love to be alone. Yep, alone. While doing my thing, favourite things :) So that's is why you'll rarely got message from me when it's holiday. 

Almost one month of holiday. So.. the time to be in reality back is almost here. It's almost here, guys! It's time to get out of my little world, the world full of only me, to face the real world again. Fly again. Yeah I should.

Back to UIA guys, back to UIA! Mixing with friends, lecturers, people. Assignments, tasks, exams. All are almost here. Gotta face it. With delighted heart.

p/s: this one whole post just to say that I need to be back to UIA in less two weeks. hehe.
p/s/s:  Awal Muharram is almost here. Masa untuk buka buku baru :)

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