Friday, August 20, 2010

When I think about the past
All the "already gone" memory
I do feel a little "miss of it"
All the things that had been done together
And all the things that we used to talk about
I do miss those, at times
While reminiscing

But then again,
past should remain the past
Nothing should be brought to the future
For me, right now, you are just like my little dream
Dream which I used to dream every single night
Somehow now it feels like you've never existed

So now
You may go away
Far away from me
And bring all these good memories all with you
Cuz you should remain just as the past
For me to have my own future
Future without you anymore in my memory
In my life


tears do easily fall down, don't they?
you're just not like before. how I used to know you. sad, isn't it?

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