Wednesday, July 14, 2010

When you got picked and pricked by the lecturers

So this morning, I was having the Elementary Statistics class. Already have been to the class once before but so far, the first impression to the lecturer, was okay. Nothing bad. In fact I quite like it. So I went to the second class with quite a cheerful mood. Thinking that this class is nothing bad and it's okay. My mood was totally fine and okay but suddenly changed when suddenly I got pricked, yes, I called it pricked because it's quite pissing me off, by the lecturer.

I was sitting next to Aisyah and Nina. While the class is going on, Aisyah offered me chewing gum, very nice of her, so I took it. Kunyah, kunyah, kunyah while focusing on what the lecturers said. It's very rare to find me focusing in classes so I think I was doing good in focusing just now. But suddenly my focus, and my mood was ruined by the lecturer when suddenly he said :

"I find it very rude to see the student chewing the gum while attending my class. I don't want to point to the people who chewed but I don't like it. You know that by chewing the gum can decrease the level of focusing? Like you can't do two works at the same time. You will just think about the gum that you are chewing," with quite an annoying tone.

So yes, I was shocked. Totally he pinpointed to me lah kan. When I just about to pissed off (bukan lah nak mengamuk, rasa nak marah je hehe), suddenly there's one Bosnian guy kinda defending me. Not really laa cuz nobody knows that I was the one who chewing the gum. So he said:

"Well actually I have read that chewing the gum in class can increase the level of focusing in the student twice from normal. So it's actually good to chew gum while listening to the lecture" dengan muka selamba tanpa rasa bersalah.

Oh damn. Thank you the unknown guy! Totally appreciated that!

But of course, the lecturer defended his opinion. Suddenly start to merapu about chewing gum is the western culture lah, the western put the tapak kasut on the lecturer's face lah and whatnot. So I wasn't really listening cuz I am totally pissed off at that time. So I think, suka hati lah nak cakap apa.

So thanks to the lecturer, I lost my focus at that time. Seriously, I was totally focusing while lecture is on, even when the gum is in my mouth. That lecturer just don't know about my own nature. I am just damn good at multitasking ahaha. You can find me layan-ing the facebook while focusing on the real book. Apatah lagi setakat chewing gum ciput dalam mulut aku tuh. And now, he IS the one who let my focus off, totally off. I feel lost for a couple of minutes. But then start to think professional, and start to focus again.

So now tell me, which one has had me lost my focus, the chewing gum, or the lecturer?? Go figure

p/s: setakat ni, this is the first lecturer yang marah makan chewing gum. pfffftt~

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