Thursday, July 29, 2010


So... I thought we are friends. And moreover, I really thought that we are (or were) best friends. But then, yes, wrong, I am really wrong, very wrong.

I don't really expect for any huge card, or huge cake or anything luxurious. What I really wish for me was just a simple "Happy Birthday" wish. Not more than that. Is it so hard for you to do that? Yes, I am wondering.

And I really thought that we can still be friends but guess not really. And this fact, really hurt me that much, more than you thought.

So maybe 3 months ain't enough for you? So fine, I am fine. I always thought that I have managed to be back normal after 3 months but guess it's not enough for you. Take every minute that you want, take like forever still fine with me, as long as you, don't throw this friendship just like that. Cuz friendship means everything to me.

It's really cruel for you to do this to me, on my birthday, on my very birthday, my 21st birthday. You took away the mood, you make me fall apart a little and you make me cry a lot. Maybe you think that you were hurting me less by doing this but guess what? It hurts damn a lot. And I really thought we were doing great on ignoring each other (and being fine with that).

Ignore this post like you always do. Cuz yes for you, ignorance is such a bliss. Thanks for everything.

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