Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Zynga Games; I like :)

Recently I have been slowly quitting playing FarmVille, well for some reasons. Most probably because maybe I had leveled up too much (ahaha) and maybe because I found that I have no other concrete reasons to play FarmVille. Ye laa, up till now the reason why I've been playing FarmVille because love to buy all the buildings and now, because I have, well maybe, own almost all of the buildings, so it feels like I don't have any other purpose to play FarmVille anymore. And I got less space for my buildings. I don't like that =/

BUT, fortunately I am not that easy in giving up in anything. It's hard to let go things that I like or I had liked. Once I like, I'll treasure probably, forever (ahaha hyperbole sungguh!). Not lah forever. It really takes time for me to actually let it go. So maybe for this little time, I'll let it go for awhile. I might play it again (and level up again) like what I used to do with cafe world :)

I have read that recently, FarmVille's popularity and rating has been decreasing. Like from 252 million users, has been downgraded to only 216 million users, as in for these current days. But this is not the main reason laa why I quit playing FarmVille. I maybe one of the quitters that been contributing to the fall for the rating ahaha~

One of the reason why I kinda let go FarmVille for awhile is that because of the newest and the latest Zynga games : Treasure Isle and FrontierVille. Treasure Isle is kinda old compared to FrontierVille. Already played Treasure Isle for quite a time now. Okay laa that game. Though it's kinda a little hard just to finish up one island. But recently they have made changes. Every time when visit neighbour's island, can get 10XP and also gem or maybe fruit. Very nice. I like the new style. Don't really have to think laa when playing Treasure Isle. Just click everywhere while your mind wandering around. But need to use a little part of my brain when I want to level up fast. It's kinda a little tricky I think.

FrontierVille, the newest Zynga's game, is a little different. Those who have played FarmVille, will have a little idea on how to play this game. It's kinda a little expanded version of FarmVille. At first, it's kinda confusing but after awhile, I kinda can catch up on how to level the thing fast. You just need to understand the game more, and think a little bit. What I really like about this game is, this game isn't really static like FarmVille. The grasses grow, the trees also grow. And you can have family and spouses ahaha. Very nice. And one more thing, can explore new lands (I think laa). So more adventurous to me hehe

No wonder lah Zynga's price is very high now. 4 billion wuishh. I can declare that I am a fan of them ahaaha

p/s: actually kinda missed playing games like final fantasy (i like final fantasy, like really a lot). but the newest final fantasy? cannot play lah. don't have ps3. sighhh :( tade tapi tak mahu beli huhu~

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