Sunday, May 16, 2010

Life is so precious, so why some people don't appreciate it?

Been watching Japanese drama, "Code Blue Season 2" (Yamapi comel!!) these few days lately. Marathon the first season, then the special episodes, lepas tu start off with season 2 and right now currently kat episod 9. Compared to the first season, the second season is supeeeeeer sad. Many deaths, especially in the few earlier episodes. I cried all the way through the episodes. Sangat sedih okayyy. Kejam gila the script writer, no mercy at all :(

Yamapi comel, kanan sekali :D

Anyway, watching the drama really makes me think really deeply. The drama is really breath taking even if it sounds like another typical medical drama. Bunyi macam those type of drama yang those Americans buat, macam house md (oh i like this btw) ke, grey's anatomy something like that. Tapi it's different. What I really like about Japanese drama compared to other types of drama, like korean drama, diorang sentiasa ada selitkan mesej kat each of the episodes, never failed even once. Setiap episod buat kita terfikir and bukan tengok drama setakat nak buang masa jer.

Hidup ini precious sangat sebenar nya kan? Kadang2 kita take life for granted, sangat actually. Kalau kita diam dan fikir sejenak, sangat lah patut kita mengucapkan kata syukur pada Tuhan sebab kita masih mampu bernafas di bumi Allah ini, perfectly. Kita patut bersyukur yang kita masih mampu berjalan, kita boleh lagi berlari, and do every single thing yang kita minat and mampu buat kat bumi Allah ni.

Ada few episodes yang aku tengok kat dalam Code Blue, where the patient who used to be an active person, always involve in those kind of activities, but one day because of one simple accident, the used to be active person, were meant to be bedridden for the rest of his life. Well, I tried to imagine and put my self in his shoes, for awhile. How am I supposed to live my life, just on the bed, can't move at all, all day, for the rest of my life? Am I capable to deal with that kind of situation? Bila kakak aku patah kaki and terpaksa duduk kat rumah je for the whole 2 months pun dia rasa cam nak gila dah, apa lagi kalau kena bedridden, for the rest of the life? Just feels like you are alive tapi sebenarnya macam mayat hidup je. And will be a burden for your family. How sad is that? Oh, haven't mentioned lagi apa accident yang buat dia jadi camtuh. He was turned to be that way just because of one simple accident; terjun kat dalam sungai time tengah gembira dengan kawan2 and suddenly his head hit a rock. Hanya sebab tu saja, he was paralyzed.

That just one simple example. Banyak lagi sebenar nya but too many to be listed here. Watch the drama yourself for a better view :)

The above example is a fictional example, probably tak bagi kesan to some people. The yet next example yang aku nak bagi, is a true story. A very long time already found blog, sangat lama dah jumpa tapi baru sekarang nak cerita kat sini. Probably she is famous among the bloggers. For those who have watched one liter of tears, this blog yang aku posted kat bawah ni, is one example of the real version of one liter of tears. Online version pun mungkin lah.


Bila aku first jumpa blog ni, aku rasa sangat kagum dengan beliau. She's already gone by the way. She got lung cancer and as far as I know, she doesn't smoke so the cancer sebenar nya lebih kepada penyakit warisan. Lama tak baca blog dia so was kinda blur sikit about the whole story, read it yourself and you will impress with how strong she was when dealing with the cancer.

Sedih sangat baca blog dia. Dia sangat tough just to deal with that horrible cancer. As far as I know, lung cancer is one of the cancer yang agak incurable. Though cancer lain pun kind of incurable, tapi lung cancer is far more worst sebab dia spread sangat cepat to other parts of the body.

Semangat dia sangat kuat. Compare to a person like me, kena ketumbit pun dah gila merengek kat blog haha. A person like me is so incomparable with her. Even dengan sakit macam tu pun, dia still act very cheerfully, as if dia tak sakit langsung. And satu ayat dia that shows how strong she is,

"I'm not a delicate little flower, I'm a superwoman"

Kisah sara aziz ni memang menginsafkan. Kalau you guys go through her blog, boleh baca jugak lah how she misses being an active person, how she misses to be an independent girl again and how she misses to live like a normal person. She was a photographer before, and some of her photos were featured internationally if I'm not mistaken. She used to an active person yang suka bergerak pergi sana sini with her camera. And she seriously missed to live like a student, being an architecture student. And missed to eat freely like a normal person. Being a lung cancer patient, banyak kena pantang, like seriously. And really missed all of that.

I am comparing myself and other people with her. She was not capable to do all of those things but she has the will, and she tried really hard. Kadang2 aku sibuk cakap aku gemuk and everything; and asyik mengelak nak makan buah2 (diet atkins hehe) but just by reading her blog, tengok lah, dia nak makan buah tapi buah is a huge NO NO for lung cancer. Aku yang still boleh makan buah without any problem ni, asyik nak mengelak dari makan jer.Dia ada tulis dalam blog dia yang she used to diet jugak tapi lepas dapat penyakit ni, dia menyesal sebab suka skip meals dulu. Sekarang, almost everything dia tak boleh makan. And dia rasa sangat sedih for loosing so many weights and also for loosing the body shape. I'm not saying yang kita patut makan sampai dapat obesiti pulak, I'm just saying, appreciate your appetite. Selagi boleh makan, makanlah BUT eat those food healthily. Jangan pergi bantai semua pulak.

And like how she misses her university life. Sesetengah budak sekarang memang tak tahu nak appreciate how healthy they are ek? Sara Aziz memang beria nak balik australia and sambung belajar and yet still ada setengah manusia yang tak tahu bersyukur, bukan jer taknak belajar, siap pergi merempit lagi, jadi bohsia pastu buang anak merata2. Disappointing? Yes, huge disappointment actually. People like Sara Aziz ni would trade like almost everything that they have, just to live a normal healthy life. And those people yang tak tahu bersyukur ni? Sparing their precious life kat somewhere yang sangat tak patut.

Appreciate your life. It is so short so live your life to the fullest. Jadikan lah hidup lebih bermakna, not just waste it on something not beneficial. Just try to think, fikir lah and compare la hidup kita dengan those unlucky people. Cuba lah jadi insan bersyukur. Bersyukur dengan apa yang ada and jangan nak merungut je kerja. Banyak lagi people who have far more worst life compare to you. Well, this is a kind reminder for you guys, and also for me :)

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