Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Farmville, and cafe world.

Spotted my name down there? Yep sayangs, I am crazy with farmville. Finding myself hard just to ignore this game of course, even when I have exams.

The best part of this game, well in my opinion, not just by getting the satisfaction in leveling up. I feel more satisfied just by decorating the farm on my own and buy as many building as I want to. That satisfy me the most.

And as for cafe world, it was once had stole my heart. I am PROUD to say that I was one of the earliest person who played this game, before it get famous with all the hypes. I accidentally clicked on the link and get attracted to all and stuff and poof. Got addicted once. But my addiction wasn't last longer than I thought so I stopped playing it for awhile and all the newer (and newest) players had leveled up very much higher than me. And right now starting to have some interest again so be my guest. I'll try to level up back and beat you down :)

This is the main reason why I can't leave facebook. Other than poking friends here and there, the games kept me attracted to facebook more and more. If not, I might get a little bored with it, maybe.

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