Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I used to have a very, I mean VERY bad anger management waaay back before. I used to be the person that will just yell to my mum, always trying to create fights with my friends. It's just sometimes used to be my bad habits that kills my self at that time.

But recently I realized that it just bad, really bad to not to control your anger. Orang Melayu panggil angin kus-kus la kan. The world ain't revolves only around you. Do consider not to show your anger in the inappropriate time or what not. That's wrong, just wrong. Should try to consider others' feelings too. So, now, the new me. I don't get mad on pretty simple reason. When I am angry at that time, or doing something that looks like despising you, think again. You might have done something REALLY wrong. Simple things won't just trigger my anger.

And one more thing, manipulating me is damn wrong too. I ain't the person who loves to be manipulated. And hates people who don't hold on with their promises. Breaking the promises that you have made to me, really WILL trigger my anger.

Another thing to be jotted down in your note, don't take my "slumber-ness" for granted, okay. I might look okay in your eyes but deep down, it does scratches a little. It's just not my style to get others to be involved with my problems.

p/s: I don't call this hypocrisy, I just call it PROFESSIONALISM.

double p/s: I think you just wouldn't want to see the old me. I might scares you out.

It's a kind reminder. I just really hate end up hurting other people's feeling. Thank you.

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