Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Honesty, in friendships

Watching gossip girl (had downloaded it a long time ago but only now have chance to watch so I am still at season one, bear with me haha) had made me think a little about how I was when I was still in the secondary school. Being surrounded and friended with all girls, isn't really a good thing, I guess. Backstabbing and bad talking about you, being done by your friends, even your own good friends, as you thought they are, is kind of... common I can say. Well, trust me, girls were born just to have a perfect two sided face. It's not my words, the world knows this common fact. I have been back stabbed and people have talked bad about me before too, well I guess it's fine. Cuz we're still young back then.

But that was a long time story. When you started to be more matured, you might think back, how foolish you are when you were still young. Though some people might still have those kind of mindset, it doesn't matter. You are adult enough to think what best for you.

As it says, honesty is the best policy.

p/s: being friends with the male friends had made me think too, loyalty is part of friendship, and so does honesty. they had teach me something new to learn about friendship :)

double p/s: hey, girls' friendship is just waaaay too complicated at times I guess. If there's a fight, just try to stay out of it, or you might be in trouble too. but anyway, I do value my friendship with them

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