Thursday, July 2, 2009

Yesterday went to see the dentist. Honestly I don't really favor going to the dentist. Those who have know me from primary school will seriously know how I used to really hate dentist. But now, whether I like it or not, it's not an option. I started seeing the dentist frequently when I finally see the serious need of having braces. Started wearing braces since 2007 and have it opened late 2008. But fortunate not, my teeth right now are not as straight as I have hoped for. So yes finally yesterday went to see the freaking dentist again after quite a long time. I soooo don't like it.

So yesterday went to Klinik Pergigian Chuah. Second time went there. First time is only for filling but then the doctor said that the tooth can't be healed (donno to use what word) just by using filling. So he suggest to use crowning instead. I do take my time to think over it because crowning for one tooth ain't that cheap. Rm500 per tooth ooo~ serious not that cheap. Can buy a new handphone summore. But then after think of many times and I told my father about that, he said that he willing to sponsor it for me. I donno la if u guys noticed, but one of my tooth is kind of decaying and looks not nice so yeah, best option is to do crowning.

Forgot to say that somehow I refused to go the previous clinic that I used to go for braces. I kinda hate the doctors, very rude, even to the customers. I finally realized that when I went to this klinik Chuah. The doctor is from UM. And very2 gentle towards patient. I can seriously see the huge difference there. Even when he injected the pain killer, I felt no pain at all. He even asked me many times when doing the the treatment whether I feel any pain or not. And, no, I can't feel any single pain. Very good la the doctor~

For those who don't know what crowning is, it's like replacing the old tooth with brand new tooth. But different ek with the gigi palsu. Nothing to do with that. Just need to remove the not so nice tooth and kind of put the new one to cover the old one. Very hard to explain so better google yourself to know more.

Right now need to wait for another week for the crowning to be ready. Then only I can have it on my tooth. Right now the tooth only covered by a slim filling and can break if I don't take care of it. Can not eat those hard things, very hard la~ Planning to do another crowning with my another tooth that look not so nice but, with my own money. Don't want to ask from my father to burden him. So yeah, just use my own money la.

Very long time I never use English in my posting so it feels kind of awkward. Don't want my English to rot so yes finally decided to update in English~ There you go~~

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