Friday, December 26, 2008

I still keep thinking whether I want to make this blog as my second(or third?) blog or not. It's not that I'm afraid of stalker or something (as if there's someone wants to stalk me) but considering that this is a very public blog and it's like everyone in this lovely territory of UIA (or literally my classmates) can read my stories. My life recently has been heavily revolved around those people in UIA. So if I want to mengumpat or something, won't it be dangerous? (okay, don't take it seriously, I'm not going to mengumpat about you guys anyway).

Haih, life is getting hectic lately. Finally I managed to finished up the assigments that were given by Madam Ayu. Mind you that I'm not only taking IL this sem with Madam Ayu, but I also have computer 2 to deal with this semester. And one simple reminder, I'm not repeating the subjects okay (=.=)/

I just... one semester late. Considering that I changed course from engineering to ict. If not, I might be at Gombak right now (yea right, probably in engineering I need to extend another semester... or maybe 2 haha.kidding) Neway, hectic life I have been going through these past 3 weeks (or maybe 2. exaggerating). dengan assignments nye la, dengan quizzes banyak nk mati and need to deal with some other problems lagi, I wonder how my siblings can survived through this crazy hectic life that a university students need to get through with. I've been quite depressed la jugak but just pretending that I'm not. Not gonna show to my parents that I'm currently is depressed. Ala just a small depression, nothing much to deal with. Sumorang pon need to get through with this kind of depression, kn?

Cuti just arrived. And am supposedly to have the mood of cuti but I won't let it get through me. Mane nye bleh ader mood cuti kalu after mid break trus ade exam. X berpijak pade bumi yang nyate la camtu. Can't really have fun this beautiful holidays. Study, study, study is a must. And my mind pon is constantly thinking about cuti... eh, studying. Uwaa... I want a nice cuti with a nice vacation (T_T). unmi-dessu... i really want to go to the beach and have some fun... well, with my family. My precious family, walopon kadang2 diorang menyakitkan ati (well almost everytime haha).

Sudah babble begitu banyak and currently haven't start studying for mid-sem. Biar la. Let me have a little fun before I need to suffer the whole week next week. Just a little time of relaxing before my brain explode. Ni pn still haven't done anything on programming. Favourite subject all the time..(did someone really believes that? I can't believe that I typed those words hehe) Yeah but seriously, programming is quite fun if you understand the subject (almost type the word sh*t). At first I thought that programming is some kind of rubbish that was invented by some freaks but now I think programming is quite... okay. Okay je la. Not hebat or something. And I don't consider programming itu besh.

Orait enuff. Would not want to merapik lagi pjg lebar and make people feel bored. Shouldn't exposed your private life to the public that much, aite?

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