Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I don't know what to post other than talking(i mean writing) about assignments. These past few days I've been busy trying to finish up the first part of programming assignment. Quite hard though. Been going to UIA from seksyen 14 everyday to meet up with Lat so that we can finish this project. The truth is I'm quite frustrated because we need to submit up the assignments on the 5th of january while I'm having BTQ on sunday and having more exams straight from 6-8th of january. I'm not trying to blame miss Azimah for setting the date that way but right now I'm trying to find a way to breath easily. I really appreciated Miss Azimah's effort in trying to help us by letting us to consult with her everyday and yeah she does help us a little to make it easier for us to do assignment. She change the question a bit so that the question will be less difficult (no jealousy here hehe. sape suruh x consult ngan miss??)

A quite wrong decision for me to blogging now cuz I'll keep moaning and moaning and moaning till I feel satisfied. Miserable life I have right now. Trying to focus with all of the assignments and the coming exams. But eventually I end up... not to study. Distracted by the new dramas that I've been downloading recently. Well it's not a recent drama la kan but still... a sight for the sore eyes hehe. I'm trying to keep myself sane here so better not to say anything. Just let me have some fun here (walhal exam btq is on sunday. damn i'm seriously insane. satu hape pn x bace lagi)

And tomorrow need to go again to UIA to meet Lat to finalize our project(i mean final for this part only la). Even when everybody else in the mood of new year. Masya Allah... dh new year ker??? I don't even realize that new year is just around the corner. Been busied up with stuffs and even now after I realized pon still don't have the mood of celebrating the new year. Do we even need to celebrate it? We already have awal muharram the other day and plus, we, i mean, all of us who were born on 1989 will turn 20 this coming 2009. Gosh u guys mmg dh tua(x sedar dia pon da tua haha no more teen-agers)

Neway cam bese tonight I'll let my laptop on to finish up all of the downloadings. Pray really hard for my laptop not to explode hehe. If any of you guys see me up all night on ym, it's not that I didn't sleep, it's just I didn't off my laptop. Not a good habit actually.

Haih been thinking of uploading pictures to make my blog more interesting but I'm not the type of taking pictures that much. Nnt la if I have some time I'll upload some pictures here. Any pictures that seems to be interesting to me(but maybe not to some of you guys la)

Wishes for new year? Well, currently not having any wishlist or something cuz I'm not that spoiled-loaded-rich-kid like you guys who can afford to buy expensive things (well except for gadgets. I'll do anything to buy the gadgets that I want). Just wanted another dean's list (tamak siot). Praying really hard to maintain my pointer. Only God knows how I feel.

Well, happy new year everyone ;)

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