Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kim Heechul. Comeback!

It seems like Heenim is currently in discussion with the company whether to make a comeback this year or not for SS5. Somehow, well if anyone have ever notice, I have abandoned fangirling over Super Junior for quite a long time. Ever since Kim Heechul left the entertainment world for military and ever since he deleted his twitter account.

But lately, my love for him has been revived. Tiba2 je. Maybe it's my instinct telling me that he will be back in just a few months. I checked the date and hell yeahhh, only few couple of months to go! Oh my, I am really missing this dude in the kpop world. I miss this diva-ish, arrogant, big star, "never-care-of-his-idol-image", "loyal to his friend" person. I miss the his craziness and weirdness. Well, he is the first person I have ever followed in twitter. But then he deleted his twitter. So sad T__T

Palli come back dearest Heenim! I want to see you in SS5 here in Malaysia! Hoping much that you will participate in it. 

Love love!

p/s: sorry for fangirling much. haven't done it in quite awhile hahaa

Wooyutbigal Kim Heechul, saranghaeyo Kim Heechul!

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