Saturday, October 22, 2011

I just don't need your comments

Did I ever did those things just to please other people? Whether when I'm studying, or cooking, or singing, or doing anything, I never expected to be complimented by others neither I ever want other people to criticise what I did. I did everything just to get the pleasure out of myself. Everything I did just to please me, only me. So, whether I am bad at studying, or bad at cooking, or off tune in singing or have bad taste in clothing or anything, I just really don't like to have any criticism from any of you. Because yeah, I never really actually do all of those things just to get complimented. For the sake of my pleasure. So yeah, if you have any comments, keep it in your brain, never let it out. Unless you want to compliment me, compliment as much as you want, it's my pleasure. But if you want to criticise what I did, better shut your mouth off. Because yeah, I don't do things for you, for your own eye or ear candy. I just don't need your damn comments.

I do take criticism, but only if I ASK for it. Or when I did things for others, not for myself. But if what I do doesn't have anything to do with you, better don't comment. I like that more.

Well, this kinda explain why I hate those unpleasing comments in this blog. Because I blogged for myself, not for the strangers. I am not a public figure nor a celebrity so I don't deserve to get a hate comments from public.

Please people, take note of what I said earlier in this posts, thanks :)

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