Thursday, November 11, 2010

I don't like reminiscing this past.

I just don't like the feeling when I'm listening to some songs, suddenly there comes my past, like going through my brain non stop, reminiscing the unwanted memories. It's just an unfair feeling when I fell into the sadness or down mood, while you there, having fun on your own, with your own activities. You got to cheer up yourself without any hassle, so I should too (and supposed to). It's unfair, just to feel this kind of feeling alone. Cuz I got a little feeling that, you there, just don't really care on how I feel. Happy? Sad? I don't think you care. So why do I care? Why should I care? Why?

Oh, you. Yes, you. No other people other than you.

So I just need to throw away this feeling, right?

There you go, dumped in the dustbin.

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