Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blogging, is part of my life

Well, at times, I do feel that I shouldn't put random stuffs on my blog. Cuz it's as if I'm exposing my little self to the public and yeah, we should keep our privacy on the net.

But hey, to tell you the truth, there's privacy in my blog. I don't put up my private stuffs. I only put up things that's been going on in my mind. And unfortunately, some people misunderstood my statements at times. Well, I don't actually really care about that. Do whatever assumptions that you want, as long as me, myself, understand my real intention. As long as, myself understand what's really going on here.

I love to blog. Blogging is like, a part of my life, well, right now. I can't say it as hobby. It's more like my needs and what I do routinely. Cuz as for me, sometimes I just can't say out loud some things on what's going on in my mind. At times, the only medium that I have, is through writing. I can express every single thing that I want, freely. People can actually read my mind through writing. I don't have to explain myself for that. 

Happy, sad, angry, in love or broken heart. You can actually interpret all these through my writings. You can actually know what's going on with me through these. It's just only the way you do assumption or interpreting it. I'll leave that to you. Interpret all the way that you want :)

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