Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Think positively, insya Allah there's always a way

So, when you found yourself stuck, at the end of the road, what will you do? Easy peasy, just go back to where you started, and try to find another route to go through. Well it seems not as simple as that but yes, try to solve it from the root, insya Allah, there's always a way.

Am not trying to brag or anything but one of my best feature, I am always an optimistic person. Think positively will always stuck in my mind, will always be my number one principle. Whenever I encounter a problem or encounter things that I don't like or even encounter people that I hate, I always try to think the other way round. Instead of always be in the negative state, why don't you try to be positive, once in a while. Cost you nothing just to do that of course.

So Suhaila Roslan, anda sememangnya seorang yang sangat positif. Biarlah masalah nak datang macam mana pun, semua masalah memang ada penyelesaiannya. Mungkin sekarang kau rasa susah tapi insya Allah, ada kemudahan disebalik semua kesusahan. Kerana Allah itu, sangat Maha Adil :)

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