Friday, June 18, 2010

A not so weird doctor

Again, went to see the doctor. Was urge by my father. So pergi lah kat PPUM. Jumpa a chinese doctor sorang ni, muda lagi (lelaki, hensem! ahaha suka pulak aku).

So I have a talk with him quite a while just now. Quite a long talk actually. Was trying to get real facts about what's going on with me. So we talk about this and that. I asked a lot of questions and he answer it. And guess what? I really enjoy talking with him lah!

Gila lama tak borak camtuh. I am a girl who love to ask things, like seriously. I like to get my facts right, and I love to share my own facts and opinions. So I clarified some few things that made me feel curious just now. Got the answers that are quite satisfying for me.

So yeah, insya Allah nothing to worry about. Maybe seriously I am stress laa. Dia siap boleh tanya ada stress ke apa and I was like, "I'm on my holiday right now, so takkan lah stress" and dia gelak2. Ahaha, mesti dia rasa problematic je budak sorang ni. Banyak bertanya pulak tuh.

Yess people! After this enjoy your holiday, no need to be stress (stress bercuti kot!). Take your own sweet time at home. Kasik gelak gila babas pasal sem baru dah nak start (like, finally weee) :)

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