Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Friendship and memories

Recently I realised how fast people can change. From being rather just acquaintances, right now are already close friends. From just being best friends, right now have become more than just friends, rather said, soul mates ;) And not to forget, from a really close friends, already become so distanced and so far apart from each other just because of certain incidents. And even some have become foes towards each other.

This is how life really is. Things happen, people change, but life will still goes on. What really remain are the memories. The memories that have been made, together with the people that we love, and even with the people that we dislike. No matter how bitter or sweet the memories are, it will still be part of our life. It's just the way how we took it, positively or negatively.

Friends do come and go, like the birds, though it always has been that way, this friendship will forever remain in the heart, as memories :)

p/s: malam ini mood yang sangat indescribable. well, layankan aje ;)

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