Thursday, May 27, 2010

Family Outing Season 1 - really drives me crazy

Currently been watching Family Outing Season 1. It's a Korean Variety Show and like seriously, I never ever realized that this show even exist before hehe. Got the whole set of videos from Aqilah Irina when I was still in UIA and if I was not mistaken, Aqilah got it from our dear friend, Shawn.

Ouh, seriously lah kan, watching the videos alone, all by myself, really driving me crazy. Citer ni superb lawak tak tipu. It's not the typical jokes yang selalu variety show buat, memang rasa lawak dia real punya. I was laughing really badly while watching this video sampai kena marah dengan mak aku oo. Serious semput kot tengok citer ni.

At first, I wasn't really into Korean boybands tapi lepas tengok benda ni, my eyes really go like this (O.O). Sh*t oh! Semua boleh tahan comel jugak. I don't really follow the sequence of the episodes at first cuz I was like looking for the episodes that featuring those famous artist that I know. Of coz lah at first aku kejar tengok G-Dragon or Ji Young punya episode dulu cuz I was (eh, currently laa) a huuuuge fan of Big Bang. And hey, one of my biggest reason nak tengok citer ni pun sebab ada Kang Dae Sung :) well, which is also from Big Bang. And ada jugak TOP and even Seungri; also from Big Bang. Tapi few awhile, start hunting for other artists yang aku familiar and by that time, aku encounter Tohoshinki or DBSK or TVXQ or what ever you guys wanna call them (huh! banyak sangat nama haha). Eeekk!!! Comel kot!! Baru sedar sekarang hehe. Oh, before this I thought this group was really an overrated group lah jugak kan. Never expect that they will do good in performances. Selalu sangat dengar nama diorang itu lah sebabnya. But one day while watching Music Station Super Live 2009; tertengok lah pulak performance diorang lagu Stand By U; well in Japanese lah. I was really moved by their voices. Oh my, sangat harmony kot (>.<)". Okay enough with the fangirling session, hope you guys don't puke while reading it hehe.

Out all of pairs dalam show tuh, I really love the Dumb and Dumber (Yoo Jaesuk, Kang Dae Suk) pair and also Hyori and Dae Sung pairing. The Dumb and Dumber pair, aiyohh, sangat funny laa the two of them ni. I was really laughing my ass off bila tengok diorang buat lawak. Memang pure punya lawak and they understand each other very much haha. You guys should see yourself part diorang kat dlm citer ni. Serious jadik lawak dia. And the reason why I really love bila Hyori dengan Dae Sung sebab mereka nampak sangat comel and sangat very sibling bersama! Suka everytime Dae Sung buat muka comel panggil Hyori "Noona" hehe.

Neway, lepas tengok citer ni even tak habis lagi marathon season, rasa memang serious best lah. Memang really feel the bond between them as a family. Aku siap nangis lagi part Sooro kena tipu yang Dae Sung kunun nak blah dari citer tu haha. Serious tak tipu, I was touched gila pasal Sooro gila tough tu pun boleh nangis kot.

Unfortunately, season 1 has already ended. Most of them said that it's because of the rating yang makin lama makin jatuh and also member2 lama semua has been retreating. And right now second season baru je start tapi dengan member yang lain. I'm not really looking forward to watch the new season. Pasal I really love the old family T_____T. Serious sedih bila tau (walaupun agak lambat aku tau haha) yang season 1 already ended. And the rating untuk current season sangat agak rendah la jugak. Sudah jatuh sampai single digit.

Untuk mereka yang sudah bosan, sila2 try tengok ini variety show. Sangat menarik okay. Mahu video, contact saya. haha~

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