Saturday, February 13, 2010

Emotionally unstable

Lately nie aku agak emotionally unstable. Serius condition aku skang nie takde kene mengena langsung dengan pms or whatsoever. Juga takde kene mengena dengan 2 minggu aku tak balik umah tu. Well, maybe effect jugak la. Dlm 5% camtuh. Tp mostly mmg takde kene mengena langsung. And trust me, study pun takde kena mengena ngan skang nie. Probably a little. Itu mungkin la. Condition aku skang nie ade kene mengena ngan sumthing yg aku rase dan simpan quite agak lame dr dlu smpai skang.

Tadi, I broke down quite badly. Nangis jugak laa lepas solat. I just feel like sh*t. Words just can't express the feeling I had at that time, and also right now. Crying is the only thing and the only way I have. Can't figure any other way that can solve this "problem", well shouldn't really being describe as a problem.

I am tired. Serious triple shit tired with this. I just don't want to keep this feeling. I just wanna let go.I just can't bear it any more longer cuz I had bear it more longer than you guys had ever thought. I am mentally tired. I'm just am. Just hoping that God will help. I need to conquer my own brain, can't let the feelings controlling it. Tp my mind just can't let it go. Itu membuatkan aku bertambah confuse and bertambah tak stabil

Anyway, Al-Quran itu memang pengubat hati. Bila hati aku sangat resah tadi, I took the Quran and read it, hati aku merasa satu ketenangan. Lupa sekejap dengan apa aku rasa. Lupa kejap dengan apa aku simpan.

Just a simple and kind reminder, do not make your own conclusion based on what I had wrote. Aku tulis kat blog hanya sekadar mahu meluah, bukan untuk orang buat tanggapan tak sepatutnya.

Thanks for reading.

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