Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My new baby!

Tadi petang went to Tropicana City for the first time (yep first time) and situ obviously sgt boring sbb tade org. Tapi just went there utk bli tickets citer new moon. I don't really understand what's all the fuss about new moon but since my sis sume mahu pegi tgk and the ticket is just rm6, so tibai je laa kan haha~

Pastu tadi pergi amcorp mall. and got myself this.

Banana choc! Sedap2. Lagi murah dr secret recipe =D

And finally. Berjaya jugak beli this new baby. Lepas lame bertahan laa kan. Used the money yg still simpan dr zaman matrik x gne2 agi (haha!) and just tambah around rm200 dr duet ptptn and some of the money yg ayah aku bagi every week.

So meet up my new baby, G900 =D

Tade laa gempak pon but still bersyukur dgn ape yg ade hehe.

So, itu la ceritera saya pada hari ini. Time kaseh :D

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