Friday, September 18, 2009


I felt really blessed and appreciated being where I am right now compared to where I used to be, 2 years back, when I was still in Engineering society. Well, maybe because of the atmosphere, maybe because of the course or even maybe because of the people itself. So many reasons, better to be kept to myself, that make me feel really blessed being in the current community. With all the good friends that know how to appreciate me. If I were given a choice, to choose between my past life and the current, well, in terms to stay still in engin or to be in ict, I will firmly say that I want stay here, where I am right now. And one of the strong reasons why I wanted it to stay this way is because of all of the good friends that I have right now. I really love you guys, from the deep bottom of my heart. Hope everything will stay this way, hopefully nothing will destroy the precious friendship. Family and friends means everything to me.

Lotsa love~

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