Wednesday, July 22, 2009

She's already married~!

Recently got some shocking news. I just found out that one of my classmates/course mate in ict/a kind of close friend of mine already got married. I'm very very very shocked with that news. And I really really really thought that it was her sister who got married. This news sure will break a lot of men's hearts haha~ Well this girl has changed quite abruptly recently but I don't expect it's because of she is right now belongs to someone. Neway, though I don't expect her to read the blog but still just want to say congratulations to this sweet girl and really hope that she and her spouse will live happily forever, until the hereafter world. Even if you are already someone's wife, we still can hangout together in the class. Wey, very sweet la she and her husband when I met them two just now. Cepat2 la wat kenduri ek~ hehe~

p/s: this girl so pandai sorok secret ek ;P

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