Sunday, July 19, 2009

Out to klcc

It's just a quick update as I'm very tired right now. Went to klcc with Aqilah, Izzati, Hairee and Aqilah's bf, Nasirudin just now. Watch harry potter and eating our lunch at sushi king. Fun day though =) but seriously tiring cuz I need to walk all day long. Met alina and bf while buying tickets with hairee. Haven't met her for quite a long time cuz she was previously at mahallah safiyyah and not knowing her current mahallah~ And Econs building is freaking far away for me to actually go there and meet her. So yeah, here you go, the pictures which are from izzati's phone~ Didn't have any chance to get any pics from Aqilah nor hairee rite now~

Sesi bergambar kat kinokuniya sblm kene halau ngan pak guard haha~

The three roomies, mE, Izzati and Qila~
Hairee, mE, Izaati, and Aqilah's bf, Nasirudin
The 4 classmates~
The two guys sgt khusyuk bace menu~
Kami perasan model revlon~Aqilah, mE and Izzati
Luv Luv u guys~

Let's go again next time =D

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