Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Found out something that really cracks me up. Well the other day I let my sis bring my laptop to her office cuz I wanted to get some help from her office mate to buy RAM and fix it up for me. Her friend, which is a guy, helps me with everything and settle things up. When she returned the laptop back to me she didn't say anything until just now she said something seriously cracks me up. Her friend thought I was a guy cuz I have lots, I mean, LOTS of games in my HDD and my laptop skin which is kinda cool. I'm okay with that statement though *well who cares if someone thought me as a guy?* but then my sister said that her friend thought that I'm a GAY cuz I have lots of boybands' pictures and have them for wallpaper. He thought that I'm a GAY. Wtfish?!! Cracks me up very much ahaahaha! never thought people will think that way haha. anyway my sister do helps me to clear things up and says that I'm actually a girl. Well, one thing that kinda bother me, can't girls love games and have cool things?
Hey, to remind you guys, I'm a game freak :)

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