Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why are information systems important to me?

Before I can really state why information systems are important to me, firstly I need to define what information is. Based on the text book and some researches that I’ve done, the purpose of information system is to get the right information to the right people at the right time in the right amount and in the right format. Basically based on the definition and the purpose given, I can conclude that Information Systems (IS) are really important to me. As I can read in the text book, it has clearly stated that IS are intended to supply useful information and closely related with the data and knowledge terms.

How really important Information Systems to me?

Well, in my humble opinion, as someone who studies ICT, information systems do somewhat will give me opportunities in having more choices of careers. Many fields of works are related with IS such as Information Systems Strategy, Information Systems Management and Information Systems Development. This will definitely deny the myth that says that there will be no IT jobs when I graduated. There will definitely be some jobs for me considering Information Systems are as a part of job opportunities.

Secondly, I do think that IS are making my life easier. Since I’ve been in ICT, most of the notes and works given by the lecturers are being uploaded in the specified websites. As for that, this somehow matched the purpose of IS. Compared to when I was in engineering, most of the notes are being given out by hands and sometimes not all of us can get the notes. When in ICT, the notes mostly being uploaded on the internet and if I missed getting the notes, in just one click I can easily get the information that I wanted. Even if I have some doubts, I can easily access the sites and ask the lecturers for the answers. Examples of the lecturers' sites : Madam Ayu, Miss Azlina and Miss Sarah.

Thirdly, as someone who always does an e-commerce business, I do find that IS are making my life easier. Easily I can find information regarding the stuffs that I wanted to buy. I can compare between one item and the other item. Buying stuffs are getting much easier with that. Without even need to go to the real shops, I can just buy the product through online shop. And I do sometimes sell my products in the internet too. Example of site for online shopping : ebay and example for online payment : PayPal

Fourthly, the pace world are getting much more fast than we could ever imagine. With the information systems, information is getting easier to get. With the fast pace of world, information is getting more important nowadays. And getting reliable and fast information is the best bet on the globalize world. Examples of good sites to find information : Google, Yahoo! and Dogpile.

Fifthly, information systems are important to me to organize the data that I have. Imagined if I have a lot of data and I didn’t manage it properly and if one day I need to use the data and some data are lost, I would be thrown into a real big trouble. With the help of information systems, data can be managed properly and the possibility of loosing data is small. Example of an open source software site where we can get free data manager or database manager : OpenOffice

With the reasons that I have stated above, I can truly conclude that Information Systems are important to me. Life will be much easier and will be more manageable.

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